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The best selling Czech energy drink. Big Shock! is renowned for its characteristic yellow colour, refreshing taste, endless energy and its constant overcoming itself. This and much more is Big Shock!

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About us!

Big Shock!, the yellow can of energy and pioneer of energy drinks in the Czech Republic, came into existence already in 2003. Still half-litre energy drinks quickly became popular all over the country and are still its best-selling and favourite source of energy.

We take pride in plenty of popular, stable fruit flavours with Big Shock! Gold and Original at the forefront. On top of that, we carry out an unstoppable cycle of activities, work with amazing athletes and major brands such as the game developer MADFINGER Games or the Radio Evropa 2. We continually invent new limited designs and flavours, lots of contests, winnings, and consistently engage our community.

With Big Shock!, energy never leaves you.


Half-litre cans are our number 1, but people expend energy differently, so we have also 330ml cans, 1 litre PET bottles and, of course, energy bars and fruitsugars. Everyone can choose!

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History of Big Shock!

From 2003 to the present, we have conscientiously ensured that people have enough energy and we intend to continually improve in that. Let's see how we're doing!

Our Ambassadors

The Big Shock! family includes not only yellow cans and their fans, but also ambassadors from various branches. Athletes, the best of the best, who are constantly shifting their possibilities and surprising themselves. Even a Big Shock! Racing team wears our colours on Dakar Rally. That connects them with us.
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